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Guest Lecture: Douglas Davis

Jan 22 2021

Emily Roemer

Douglas Davis visited with us today to share wisdom and inspire us to be more than just great designers. 

He started by diving right in: “I can confess that I don’t know the right answer [to all design problems] but I do know what I think,” he said. With a clear sense of his confidence in strategy and the business of design. He continued to tell us that strategic patterns grow business and that you can design the most beautiful thing but if it does not have a clear strategy, the competition might beat you out. 
He delved into what strategy and design mean and how important they are together: “Strategy + execution = a fighting chance.” Then, he urged us to “structor the unstructured.” 
I loved his answer to a student who asked, “why do you write a brief before a project?” He thoughtfully replied: “A brief is a thought starter” and to “write briefs to inspire.” 
In just an hour we learned so much, and I’ve already ordered his book. If you want to learn more too it is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can learn more about Douglas on his website.
Thank you so much Douglas for the helpful tools and the contagious confidence.