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Guest Lecture: Michael Gericke Talks Pentagram

Sep 24 2021

This week MFAD welcomed Michael Gericke, Pentagram partner and prolific environmental and graphic designer. He is a literal trail blazer (wayfinder) who guides traffic through modern real estate developmental mazes and labyrinths via graphic signals and signs, artwork and displays. He showed a bevy of exciting projects, many showcased in a new 500-page monograph, Graphic Life: Celebrating Places, Telling Stories, Making Symbols, which is a guide to Gericke’s accomplishments with projects for buildings, civic moments, exhibitions and visual identities, including work for posters, magazines, New York’s AIA chapter and the Center for Architecture. Most recently, his conceptual / aesthetic expertise and talent has contributed to the success of New York’s Daniel Patrick Moynihan Train Hall.

Poster by Su Jung Shin

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