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End of the year video cheer

Dec 21 2022

by Natalia Ramirez

This semester the MFAD class of 2024 produced a variety of visual projects that took many forms, one of them being an individual documentary about a person, place, small business, or, in one case, a true cultural phenomenon. As a group specializing in design, taking on a filmmaking project was quite the challenge — learning how to record good sound, light subjects and spaces, ask the right questions, and edit together a captivating story were just a few pieces of what felt like a monumental task early on in the semester.

Excerpts of student work from Natalia Ramirez, Soumya Gupta, Gloria Jiang, Nicolette Francis, Vivian Hou, Peggy Chen, and Heedong Jeong

As the weeks passed and we saw each other thread our bits and pieces into something that was taking on a larger form, it became evident that we were all able to figure out how to apply our knowledge of design into an entirely different medium, and that each of our individual voices was coming through with the story we decided to tell. Stephen and Gael were very helpful in pushing us in the right direction through extensive feedback week after week, and the results were something for everyone to be proud of.

The semester culminated in a celebratory gathering at their lovely home, where we watched our films and toasted to a lovely beginning of the program. We thank everyone who was crucial in the production and development of our films — Stephen and Gael, Justin, and Todd: we couldn’t have done it without you. 

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