Huiqi Qui’s “Cut” is Featured on Printmag.com

Jun 13 2020

Printmag.com‘s editor, Zachary Petit found Huiqi (Fay) Qui’s documentary film CUT, that captures the last days of the oldest hair salon in New York’s Chinatown (done for Stephen Doyle’s and Gael Towey’s video narrative class and the supplementary book for Warren Lehrer’s experimental book class too good not to feature.

Petit quotes Qiu saying: “I am hoping to get the voice out there and show how gentrification is deeply rooted in a history of discriminatory laws and practices in the United States, and how it also has enormous impacts on residents’ lives.”

Watch the film, and see excerpts from the book, “37 Years, 5 Weeks 1 Day,” To learn more about Qiu click here.