colorful Poster graphic for New York Times studio visit
Posed group photo of students at the New York Times headquarters
A bird's eye view of the central atrium of the New York Times office
A group of students on a tour of the New York Times offices
A group of student on a tour of the New York Times office
Four students sitting at a board room table in the NY Times office
A group photo of students at the New York Times office
Photo of press credentials of old New York Times journalists

Kelly Doe Invites Us to Visit The New York Times

Nov 01 2022

Poster by Heedong Jeong

-By Natalia Ramirez, Class of 2024

This week we took a trip to the New York Times headquarters, where we were generously hosted by Kelly Doe, Head of the NYT Brand Identity Department. Our visit began with a tour of the Museum at the Times, a space carefully filled with artifacts and objects that showcase key moments in the history of the Times since its beginnings in the 1850s. Historian David Dunlap briefly walked us through some interesting points in the extensive history of the Times, always recalling moments in which the news organization embraced groundbreaking approaches and a pioneering spirit.

Kelly and her team then showed us some of the fantastic work that they produce as the leaders of some of the most iconic NYT digital products we know and love. They talked about their roles within branches such as Culture and Communications, Newsroom, Games and Social Media, and explained that these identities are in a constant state of systematization and evolution.

We learned that their commitment to an impeccable standard of purpose, integrity and excellence has been a driving force that has kept the New York Times relevant and iconic over time, all throughout innovative developments and constant reactions to shifts in contemporary culture and design. The New York Times’ ethos to “always take the high road” is something Kelly verbalized during our visit, and which we will all take home with us.

A big thank you to Kelly and her team for making this experience so extraordinary!

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