Sutnar Stewart

Ladislav Sutnar-Inspired Typfaces Part 1

Nov 04 2019

Here are the first four selections by the Class of 2021:

  1. Ashlyn Stewart draws inspiration from Sutnar’s toy block industrial city. She uses the five primary geometric forms to compose “A Shapely City.”
  2. Bill Chien is influenced by Sutnar’s logo for addo-x, the Swedish business machine company for whom he did the identity and promotion.
  3. Eunji Kim took inspiration from another of Sutnar’s famous wooden toys, the train engine.
  4. Jennifer Bowles finds “that Ladislav Sutnar’s fresh and contemporary display typography on the cover of ‘Catalog Design: New Patterns in Product Information’ exemplifies some of the basic elements and principles of design — a strong repeating line, a delightful use of shape, texture, rhythm. Plus, I fancy that the letter forms are based on geometry —a rectangle surrounded by an oval — rather than forms derived from the logic of the hand-drawn letter. With the benefit of his existing letters, I created the full the lowercase alphabet, a second more condensed version, and one ligature. I named this typeface “Efficient” because I imagine that Sutnar—being a very pragmatic designer—may have appreciated it.”