A photo of a man with his raised hands and standing near a poster showing an opened book and a drawn face on it. On the book ther is a title that says: Life in Books. Warren Lehrer.

Lehrer Talks Himself Bleu In The Face

Nov 14 2014

Photo: Melvin McCray (from Motiongrapher)

Faculty member Warren Lehrer talks about his opus, A Life in Books, with Motiongrapher where he says: “Some design students insist that they are ‘visual people’ and are therefore not good writers. I have ways of getting people to write so they don’t even realize they’re writing. After a few weeks, you can’t stop them from writing. Read the entire interview here.

News Flash: A Life in Books has been awarded the 2014 USA Best Book Awards in the category of “Best New Fiction”. See more here.


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