Linda Holliday Seminar by Kathleen Fitzgerald

Jan 10 2013

It was also our first class, in the first week, of our last semester in the Designer as Entrepreneur program. Talk about exciting and terrifying. But what would a good challenge be without any sweat? We had a great discussion on this topic. Being that we are developing our theses for the launch in April, many of us have come into situations where we questioned, stumbled, and excelled in getting over initial obstacles. Linda said it perfectly last night, “Beginnings are the most interesting part.” It makes sense. These challenges often bring about an even stronger argument. Criticism doesn’t have to be the enemy either. If we aren’t asking for feedback, advice, or even a discussion, we won’t get it. On the flip side, defending our work is a third of what we need to be good at. So, on that note…make yourself sweat, ask questions, and push the standards.

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