Maya Kopytman's guest lecture, history designed
Maya Kopytman's guest lecture showing slides
Maya Kopytman's guest lecture showing slides of books
Maya Kopytman's guest lecture
Maya Kopytman's guest lecture with a student holding a poster

Maya Kopytman’s Documentary Design

Feb 22 2019

by Victoria Holod 

In this week’s Guest Lecture series, Maya Kopytman, Partner at C&G Partners, came over to our studio to talk to our first year students about her journey with design. Being born in the former Soviet Union and then moving to Israel, she has a fascinating history that has led her to creating beautiful, unique works of art.

Maya shared with the class her projects for cultural institutions such as the United States Holocaust Museum and the Smithsonian National Museum of African History and Culture, among many others. The two that everyone should check out immediately are Some Were Neighbors (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum), which features the individual choices of those that witnessed and experienced the Holocaust and the 1938 Projekt, which reveals documents such as letters, diaries and photographs saved by German Jews and their families. These personal first-hand stories are presented alongside calendar entries – one for each day in 1938.

Thank you Maya for stopping by. Your work is truly inspiring to all our students.

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