Meet the Class of 2015: Minkyeoung Lee

Sep 19 2013

Minkyeong, aka Mingu from Seoul, Korea, designed this poster to promote the fundraising event hosted by miss Korea, best known for its authentic and delicate Korean food, to benefit people affected by hurricane Sandy at her previous workplace.

“This piece was designed in the limited use of color and space to show my condolence to the victims,” she explains. “Graphics on the right hand side represent a group of hearts for the victims blooming out of hurricane, and the factors surrounding it symbolize Korean culture and cuisine prepared for this event. To keep the simplicity and coherence, typography was also created in the same concise form.”

“My design doesn’t limit itself to certain type of topic or style, but it is true that I feel something inside when I design a piece related to my nationality and for good. I want to be a part of good cause, but sometimes in a wicked way. I know. We can’t change our nature.”