Meet The First Year Students: Jinyue Song

Sep 26 2018

Each year at the start of the first semester we ask our new students to say a few words about one or more favorite projects.

Designer: Jinyue Song

Mnemos Island Memory Shop

What we see and how we feel during the process of perceiving the world make up our memories, and they in turns define what we do and who we are. In the future, people may be able to satisfy their own emotional needs by implanting memories they want. I designed  “Mnemos Island Memory Shop” based on this conjecture. In this store, pieces of customized memories are saved in electronic devices that are connected to users’ heads.

Memory is an abstract concept that has no entity, so what should it looks like then? Or precisely, feels like? I base the branding design of this product on tactility. Since memory is something that will stay in someone’s brain, the pattern of this product should look gentle and familiar as if it is something you lost a long time ago and also evokes the desire to touch it, grab it and knead it — this concept indicates that one is reshaping one’s memory by using the product.

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