Meet The First Year Students: Nillu Rathod

Oct 02 2018

Each year at the start of the first semester we ask our new students to say a few words about one or more favorite projects.

Designer: Nillu Rathod

‘YOUR LOCAL’ is a personal project where I visit, live out & experience a city to
understand its history and culture. The objective is to bring out the most prominent
elements of its distinct structures through colour, form and architecture and create
a compelling travelogue

Not confined to a single city, ‘YOUR LOCAL’ is an ongoing project of discovery
through a sustainable process that will explore experiences as I learn about
the unseen and underground histories of the cities themselves.

I wanted to create a series of illustrations of the most prominent places in Mumbai
in a style that accurately represents the colour and culture of this flamboyant city.
Part of this process includes a two-day exhibition to acquire opinions of the viewer,
about “What inspires you about Mumbai the most?”

Art is one of the strongest mediums of expression. The artist in me seeks to
creatively express what I care about and wish to achieve in terms of existential
experience of a city as a local.

Concept: Company Profile

[mir-ee-uh d] / Greek / Countless / Innumerable variations.

Myriad Clothing is ‘activewear’ without limitations for millennial consumers that can seamlessly transition from gym to club wear. Outfits are designed to transform from Studio to Street. Office to Crossfit. Meetings to Mat. Spin to Sushi. Barre to Bar.

Logo Concept: The horizontal lines are inspired from running tracks and signify movement and conveyance. The lines are placed at each end of the logo to guide a viewers’ attention from left to right and back to the left side with the focus constantly remaining on the logo.

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