Meet The First Year Students: Qinping Wang

Sep 24 2018

Each year at the start of the first semester we ask our new students to say a few words about one or more favorite projects.

Designer: Qinping Wang

The first project is about Chinese urbanization process. And it consists of an installation and a hand-made book.

The project background is located in the Xiancun, a village in the CBD of Canton which is only 500 meters distant from each other. One side is the city’s most glamorous skyscrapers, the other side is half demolished, dilapidated village. During many years of difficult demolition and renovation process, due to conflicts of interest among stakeholders, villagers suffered long-term confusion and pain.

This place has become a scar in canton, a microcosm of Chinese urbanization process. I hope that through the image I recorded and my visual presentation, citizens will see
how the villagers in this city are living their lives. So that we can view and experience the city more comprehensively, three-dimensionally and humanly.

The second project is a made-up brand based on China dinner culture that attempts to fulfill the communication needs between people during dinner in a retro and playful way.

People in this pop-up restaurant can chat with each other by typing on the receipt printer, and after the dialogue they both could get a receipt of relationship as collection. I did a lot experiments with the heat-sensitive paper and create many unique patterns for the brand visual expression. And there are some sub-products for sale too.

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