Meet the First Year Students: Victoria Holod

Oct 03 2018

Each year at the start of the first semester we ask our new students to say a few words about one or more favorite projects.

Designer: Victoria Holod

The first project featured was composed for a Parsons Digital Imagining with Photoshop course, in which the goal of the assignment was to design a magazine cover featuring multiple stories or topics of interest. My aesthetic as a designer is to blur the lines between modern and contemporary art through collage and mix media.

The last two projects were self-initiated pieces, done purely for the passion of design. For the MOMA poster series, I wanted to highlight the artist and the artist’s work as one, bringing that humanity to both the creator and creation. The last project was meant to bring out a personality to typography. I replaced the subjects of the three iconic photographs with the year that they was composed, mirroring their expressions and emotions.

Disclaimer: I do not own these images. They were used only for educational purposes.