Meet The First Year Students: Yijing Wu

Sep 13 2018

Each year at the start of the first semester we ask our new students to say a few words about one or more favorite projects.

Designer: Yijing Wu

1413 Magazine was co-founded by Lisa and me. It is an independently run publication of culture that based on China ONLY. Four issues have been published so far and a fifth will soon be published.We two worked together on topics, interviews, editing, photography, design and selling.

Social Science is an Online Shop I having been running for 5 years. We sales various of items for girls, from chokers to tote bags, clothes to key rings… It’s on the verge of bankruptcy recently because of my poor management. This is the Visual Identity System part we now use.I use dragon as an element since It is regarded as the symbol of China. Although we cannot define it by gender, it is still considered as a male character. I drew a couple of very girlish dragons to match the brand. The aim is to encourage girls to be brave and to wear whatever they want.

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