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Nigel Sielegar’s Corse Design Factory Develops MFAD Website

Nov 27 2018

Nigel Sielegar (MFAD 2009) started Corse Design Factory upon graduating and has served businesses, defining markets, and refining their brands ever since. We asked him to redesign our website for the 20th year and the final result is rolling out now. Asked his thinking behind the new site, he replied “It is an interesting challenge, because there’s a lot of things that we had to keep in balance. We had to figure out what to do with the legacy content, prepare a framework for future content to fall into, design it to make good use of the screen real estate, reflect the new SVA MFAD brand of the 20th year and make sure that the website represents the best of the program.”

MFA Design website

How has MFA Design influenced the way you work?
SVA MFAD have the Do it all attitude that really changes the way I approach a project. Before the program, I was very much used to have information fed to me by the clients, or by the higher ups. The program however, forces the students to explore beyond what’s given, which makes me realizes that there’s so much a designer can contribute during the exploration and strategy phase of a project, as well as other areas that are commonly untouched by graphic designer, like product development, business planning, operation management, and such.

What is the goal of your business?
As a consultancy business, Corse Design Factory specialized in serving businesses in many aspects of their business. We help them define market, fix their product and services, refine and manage their brand, and we also help them building their marketing engine.

As a company however, we also have the goal to build small ventures. Currently we have Moon Man, a small food business that modernizes desserts that are commonly found in South East Asia, and we have Novel Objects, a product photography service for businesses looking to document/catalog their inventory.

What have been the most surprising outcomes since coming to MFAD?
MFA Design made me realized there’s a far more options to be a designer than the traditional consultancy model. The program opens up to more opportunities, and really pushed me personally to explore unorthodox practice using design as the foundation.


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