Paola Antonelli lecture live on zoom
Students at Paolo Antonelli's lecture on ZOOM
Paola Antonelli lecture live on zoom

Paola Antonelli on MoMA’s Neri Oxman Exhibition

Mar 31 2020

Paola Antonelli, the most influential museum design curator for MoMA exhibitions that stretch the public’s understanding of design, launched our first remote guest lecture of the Spring.

Through her virtual walk-through of the “Neri Oxman: Material Ecology” exhibit, which was forced to close two weeks after its opening in accordance with Covid-19 protective guidelines, the students were introduced to the marvel and marriage of science and design.

Oxman, a National Design Award Winner, is represented by seven projects called “demos” — a library of materials and processes developed in and through nature that “might someday be available to all architects and designers.” The objects and structures are all designed as if grown—with no assembly required, including the Silk Worm Pavilion made entirely by silk spun by hundreds of silk worms. The exhibits celebrate a new age in which biology, architecture, engineering, and design join forces to build the future.

Antonelli’s passionate insight into these new media was an inspiration to all.

Find out more on the MOMA site.

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