A photo of a wooden box with a glass window on a side that contains some household items.
A wooden red box with a glass on a side, that contains some other rectangular colored boxes with text on them.
A photo of a hand holding a yellow crayon box with drawings of a man doing a sculpture. On the box there is a text: Pastelli Canova Per Scuola. Presbitero Milano 12 Colori.
A photo of a set of multiple green, red, grey and brown wood and cardboard crayon boxes with some text and drawings on them.
A photo of a woman sitting in front of an artisan stand near a giant ice-cream cone with a baby on top that has a spoon.
A photo of an old paper with some landscape drawing and the text: L'Urbe Rivifta Romana diretta de Antonio Munoz Fratelli Palombi Editori Roma
A photo of an old news paper with gothic styled letters and drawings.
A photo of an old box with a blue and yellow drawing of a lady in a wheat field, while the sun is shining. On it there is the text: Pastificio Liguori Pasta Alba D'Oro.

Rome Day Eight: Treasure Hunting at Porta Portese

Jun 04 2018

Photos by (and of) Yin Duan

Sunday was a day off. So off they went.

Yin Duan wrote: Would love to share some photos that I took at the Porta Portese flea market. The experience is fantastic! I would definitely visit again!

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