Rome Day Three: Personal Time

May 30 2018

Text and Photos by Tim Powers

I used my free morning time to get  a few things out of the way. There are a couple places I visited last summer that I wanted to return to. They were great finds in terms of the people I met and the unique items that were available for purchase.

One of them is a shop called ALAINE. This is a Mid Century Modern art and antique shop. The owner is actually French and has had this shop for years. He offers items he finds that fit the period and also his own art pieces. He is very knowledgeable, amiable and it was great to speak with someone with similar affinities. One item in particular he offers is a large format book of plates, about 100. They are architectural details construction drawings. There are also loosely related topics among the plates. I have included an image of one that details the plotting of cast shadows. Beautiful drawings and a rare book.

The other return stop was to ABATI USATI di Michele Salvatore (Michele Salvatore’s used clothing.) This is a small space jammed with vests, t-shirts, leather jackets, shoes glasses and ties. I picked up some great floral pattern ties last year. There are so many to look through so I returned this year. I focused on geometric patterns this year and wasn’t disappointed.

After a quick Panini, it was back to school and so many great sights along the way.

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