Sequitur for Musicians

Nov 28 2011

For this project Cecil Mariani (MFAD ’13) chose to touch a group of new musicians. She is a fan of new music and since New York has the biggest new music community in the world, she took this chance to work on this subject.

“New music in general is not so popular and it gets even more difficult in the economy,” she says. “A few of my favorite new music groups are no longer able to survive; the musicians survive from regular classical music gigs, Broadway shows or as session players in recordings.

So, I chose Sequitur. I thought I could do a free design to remake their entire image and identity and promote them to new music events all over the world by introducing their new identity.

Their original website is outdated and they have no more programs this year. I m hoping to revive them next year with new design and personalized name card for each musicians (there are 20 of them).

After a crash course in music, I came up with the idea to make a visual with 12 tones matrix system and actually visualizing musical compositions, the colors will signifies the range of each instrument pitch based on the frequencies. Interestingly enough the number of color frequencies and sound frequencies range is quite the same so I can actually make them analogous.

It will take more time for this design to be adapted in the real website since they already have someone who manage the designed the website and the person was virtually saying ‘don’t take my client away.’ I have told him that I will give my design for free. I am not sure when he will apply my design though.”

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