An open card box containing some textile bags and some paper.
A photo of a closed card box placed on a blue table.
A photo of two textile bags and some pieces of paper in a card box. The bags seem to contain a heat gatherer and a raincoat.

Spaceship Needs Lift-Off

Dec 05 2014

MFAD first year students Yanz Zeng and Fenghe Luo want to “Touch Someone’s Heart” this winter. “Many people give out food and clothing to people on the streets,” they say on their IndieGoGo site. Their initiative called SpaceShip Inc. seeks to enfranchise the homeless through a novel approach: to enable the receiving of “handouts” with more dignity and respect, “we’ll deliver essentials to them wrapped in packages as if they did in fact have a mailing address.”

The project is one of Stefan Sagmeister’s assignments and is being launched in MFA Design Studio. The duo have made 20 packages and have tested their idea. “It works perfectly. Now we want to give out more packages and enabling additional people to be more comfortable this winter.”

Visit their site for more details about the project and how to support it.

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