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Student Spotlight: Devina Sarawgi

Oct 22 2022

Meet Devina Sarawgi, one of our MFAD Class of 2024 students.

Hometown:  Pune, India 

Devina has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bengaluru. Her work is culturally rooted and filled with irony. She is fascinated with Indian vernacular typography and multilingual design and she is constantly trying to learn about new ways of making.

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Featured Project

This project looks at rejection as failure and the different ways we try to avoid it. It looks at the damaged and rejected garments found in outlet stores and how each and everyone one of these garments is a direct reproduction of the malfunction of a ‘human’ machine. I aim to understand the relation between the man and the machine. Why is it that this ‘human’ machine malfunctions? What is the error that creates a break in their routine of repetition? What malfunctions to create a reject garment, the failed garment, is it the worker or is it the machine? Where is this conditioned replication failing? The workers in a garment industry form an assembly line to create the same garment again and again, they use the method of repetition to replicate, each working on a singular part of the garment. What do they think has failed during the production of this rejected garment? My project aims to understand the working of the individual elements of an assembly line assembly line and the assembly line as a whole. 

A series of flip books highlighting the individual relationship each worker in these garment factories have with their machines and who they blame for their failure and malfunction.

Check out Devina’s instagram (@devina96) and behance to learn more about her work.

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