Studio Visit: Jiming Bao

Sep 20 2018

Poster by Jeremy Garcia

Today, this first semester’s first studio visit is hosted by Yiming Bao (MFAD 2014), Enterprise Product Designer at Foursquare.

Yimiing has been issued patents for collaborative inventions: A design patent to broadly cover an innovative use of interaction-based animation for mobile advertising that we invented. See it in action in the Hyperscroller and Hyperplay, mobile ad formats exclusively available at Yieldmo.

And. . .  One variation of a method for serving interactive content to a user includes, at a visual element inserted into a document accessed by a computing device: loading a first frame from a digital video; in response to a scroll-down event that moves the visual element upward from a bottom of a window rendered on the computing device toward a top of the window, seeking from the first frame through a subset of frames in the digital video in a first direction at a rate corresponding to a scroll rate of the scroll-down event, the subset of frames spanning a duration of the digital video corresponding to a length of the scroll-down event; and, in response to termination of the scroll-down event with the visual element remaining in view within the window, playing the digital video forward from a last frame in the subset of frames in the digital video.

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