A logo of an S letter with a glassy tint and rainbow gradient. Near it there is the text SWAY.
A photo of some cream packed t-shirt, white socks, seed bags and some red fruits.

SWAY Gets a New Wordmark and Is Named Finalist for Top Award

Apr 08 2022

Tom Ford’s Plastic Innovation Prize Announces Its Eight Finalists. Among them Julia Marsh’s (MFAD 19) seaweed-based, sustainable plastic substitute, Sway. Selected from 64 applicants on six continents, the finalists presented the panel of judges with a working prototype to replace the polybags the fashion industry is currently reliant on. The finalists are Genecis, Kelpi, Lwanda Biotech, Marea, Notpla, Sway, Xampla, and Zero Circle. They include alternatives made from local algae in Iceland (Marea), organic waste and reprogrammed bacteria (Canada’s Genecis), and peas (the University of Cambridge-based Xampla). Seaweed emerged as the most frequently harnessed alternative.

Sway also introduced its new logo, a swirling fluid “S” designed by Christian Pietrzok and Shuhua (Liz) Xiong (MFAD 19), inspired by the ocean and the durability of seaweed.

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