A photo of a group of people listening to a spokesman while sitting in an exhibition gallery.
A group of people listening to a man while sitting in an exhibition gallery near a cartoon poster.

Talarico Tours Wilde Years

Oct 28 2009

For today’s Paul Rand Lecture Series, Lita Talarico brought the class to the Visual Arts Gallery where Richard Wilde (top) gave us a tour of his exhibit “The Wilde Years.” The show represents 40 years of work and 26 categories. “It’s mind boggling to see all this work that came out of the BFA department — and this is only the tip of the iceberg” states Richard. [More]

Kevin O’Callaghan, curator (below), was also on hand and according to him, the biggest challenge was how to mount 700 pieces of work so that it would not look cluttered. His solution was to build “floating” curved walls, a replica of a bus shelter and a gigantic TV set.


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