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The Designer As Author Symposium

Sep 02 2008

The MFA Design department at the School of Visual Arts will host a two-day symposium that examines the next evolutionary stage of graphic design: authorship, entrepreneurism, and content creation. With such unprecedented access to the means of production, graphic designers have an incredible opportunity to develop and produce ideas in numerous media for various audiences. It is no longer enough to be a great typographer, the message is the medium and bringing ideas to fruition for an audience is the key.

SPEAKERS : Kurt Andersen, Eric Zimmerman, Warren Lehrer, Stacy Cochran, Stefan Sagmeister, Bruce Mau, Peter Girardi, Maira Kalman, David Small, Fred Seibert, Bonnie Siegler, Emily Oberman, Robert Downey, and Chip Kidd

Each speaker will present case studies of their unique works and products and will discuss their creative, technological, and business approaches. The audience will have an opportunity to question the speakers and discuss the possibilities inherent in “authorship” in the broadest sense of the term.

Visit the website:https://design.sva.edu/sympo/overview.html

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