The Designers From WH-O

Oct 22 2018

By Victoria Holod

What a week and what a treat…alumni Elliot Walker and Tim Hucklesby (MFAD 2012) of visited our studio to talk design to the first year class (MFAD 2020).

Without even a few minutes passing by, they wowed the everyone by redefining and redesigning the presentation format. In a Jeopardy-like style, Elliot and Tim let the audience control what topics they would discuss and in what order. It was, well, just plain amazing.

They spoke about their time during the graduate program, life afterwards and their route to opening their new design studio, WH-O (OTHERS). The key takeaways were to continuously challenge yourself as a designer, tailor the design process to your clients, and keep pushing yourself forward.

Thank you so much Elliot and Tim!!


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