Josh MacPhhee and students looking at poster designs
students engaging socially
Josh MacPhhee showing posters to students
Josh MacPhhee at the library with group of students
Josh MacPhhee at the library with students
Josh MacPhhee and a student holding a poster together

The Joy of Interference

Feb 15 2019

By Victoria Holod

For this week’s lecture series, our first year students ventured off to Brooklyn to go to Interference Archive, a volunteer-run library, gallery and archive of historical materials related to the arts of worldwide social movements. They met with Josh MacPhee, one of the archive’s founders, who passionately shared the organization’s history, mission and purpose.

This rare, great treasure of New York is accessible to all, containing a wide variety of possessions such as posters, flyers, publications, photographs, books, moving images, audio recordings and other materials. Every glance our first years took, their eyes were met with exquisite imagery.

In addition, the library hosts a ton of free public talks, film screenings, workshops and educational visits to not only raise awareness but to share and bring these gems to the public. 

Interference Archive has created a welcoming and encouraging space for our community where curiosity and passion are met with a big sprinkle of history. You are definitely missing out if you don’t stop by the archive and get lost in history. 

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