The Mekong Project

Nov 28 2011

This temporary wall mural was designed by Thai Truong (MFAD ’13) for a new and upcoming southeast Asian community organization in the Bronx called “The Mekong Project” as he stumbled upon its creation while searching for the Cambodian community.

“It is a remembrance of Cambodia incorporating his own Dharma wheel that contains the 24 originations of life/death as its spokes, Angkor Wat to signify the importance of our Cambodian heritage, and two taglines that I use in hope to unite the youth and the older generations together to mesh our heritage/culture in America and push our people forward while remembering the dark ages of the Khmer Rouge,” Thai says.

“This mural was loved by the youth and the seniors who attended the party. Chhaya, the person I was coordinating with and also the founder of the Mekong Project, said this graphic was the anchor of the audience’s attention, a symbol of progress of an organization without a visual identity (just yet). I’ve been hired as the art director and designer to design their identity system and branding!”

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