group photo with students holding eco bags
Laura Forde with a student holding posters in red background
Laura Forde guest lecture
Laura Forde guest lecture
Laura Forde guest lecture, showing slides
Laura Forde guest lecture , showing slides
Laura Forde guest lecture, showing slides

The Whole Truth, Times Style

Mar 01 2019

by Victoria Holod

And you thought the bar couldn’t get raised any higher. Well, just wait until you read who came to see our first years this week. Laura Forde, Executive Creative Director of Marketing at The New York Times. We will give you a moment to regain your composure

From her first to her last sentece, Laura had our students completely hooked. She began by giving them a thorough inside scoop of The New York Times’ identity system and brand creative, explaining her own process of how she revolutionized the publication’s marketing identity.

Laura then went on to discuss their most recent campaign, “The Truth is Hard.” This initiative stressed the utmost importance of providing their readers nothing but the truth. Also, the ads expose the rigorous lengths their reporters take to uncover that truth. If you haven’t checked it out, it is absolutely the next thing you need to look at, right after reading this post. 

Laura’s passion and belief in her company radiated in everything she said. At the start of the talk, she gave our students bags of goodies, which included The New York Times’ tote bags, yesterdays newspaper, and magazines – something that will be treasured by 23 students for a very long time. 

Laura – thanking you a million times does not add up to the gratitude our students feel for you taking the time to talk to them.

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