A photo of a glass bowl with some red seeds in it and also another glass bowl with some red liquid. Near them there are some white notes, one having the text: Put Your Pants Back On. Right Now.
A photo of  some sticker notes with different embossed and colored text on them. Some of the text on them: #lipsytips, Do Not Bring That Up, Easy Tiger, That was kind of aggressive, You told that story already.

Tips For Those With Glasses

Dec 18 2015

Julia Ames (MFAD ’05) and her online shop Spoolia are offering a new holiday product, Tipsy Tips, a set of 6 unique coasters inspired by personal experience. Each bit of advice has been hand lettered with love and letter pressed in silver or mint foil. They are available for purchase on our web shop and are useful as a gift to a friend without a filter or to control the extended family at the annual holiday gathering. Visit Spoolia here.

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