A photo of a book cover with title Thesis Planner made from stylish medieval fonts. Near the cover, placed also on the green table, there is a scroll pf paper tied with a cyan ribbon.
Dear, My fellow first years and I witnessed the hard work you've put into making your thesis. We understand that we go through the same process next year. So we assure you that we will help and support you if you need us. We believe that you are doing a great job and we can't wait to see what you guys will show at the Thesis Forum. Wishing you all the best.
A piece of paper with the text: Congrats. You've graduated.

Touching The Thesis Students’ Hearts

Dec 04 2013

First year MFA student Saawan Ebe’s project for Stefan Sagmeister’s “Can Design Touch A Community’s Heart Project” hit home and heart. Ebe designed, printed and distributed a Thesis Planner created with calligraphic lettering for the second year thesis students. Here is a video of the act of giving and receiving.

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