venture beyond design 17 typographic title
venture beyond design 17 typographic title

Venture 17: Thesis Forum

Dec 09 2016

Change your perspective.  Open your mind.  Venture beyond design, and come to the SVA Theatre on April 11th, 2017 as the MFA Design graduating class presents their design ventures at the annual Thesis Forum.

The School of Visual Arts MFA Design: Designer as Author + Entrepreneur launched in 1998 as an alternative to traditional Graphic Design Masters programs.  It encourages students to strategize like entrepreneurs and use design as a tool for developing a market-ready venture.

At the MFA Design 2017 Thesis Forum, graduating students will present their design enterprises, developed over three semesters and countless hours of blood, sweat and (most definitely) tears.  Each of the 19 projects is an innovative and unique business venture, elevated by the program’s central focus on human-centered design and the thoughtful leverage of visual strategy.

We enthusiastically invite our colleagues in the design and business communities, the press and the interested public to join us on April 11th at the SVA Theatre for a fascinating look into the future of design entrepreneurship.

Visit the Venture 17 website.

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