dumplings in a wooden bowl with the word ugh over the image
logo for swap
styleguide for kernel, a financial app for college students
a you man and two young women walking and laughing on the sidewalk
portrait of Ruolin Feng in white turtleneck sweater
illustration of woman using phone with many arms poking her on the back
portrait of Fay Qui in room with large window and tree outside
seasy box with instructions for using smartphone
reusable utensils being folded into bandana
drag queen with text fat, femme and asian
layout sketch for magazine
zoom screen shot
zoom screen shot

Welcome to Thesis Review: Let the Ventures Roll

Oct 28 2020

Our MFA Design Zoom grid exploded on Monday and Tuesday evenings during the class of 2021’s Venture previews. The students pitched a round of solid ideas and ambitious projects that they’ve been researching and developing during this truncated Fall semester. A lot of hard work has gone into the conception, testing and iteration of these varied thesis themes.

Their next milestone is to fine-tune do further outreach, create business plans and design their branding stories and narratives. Their goal: The final Venture Forum in April 2021.

Our guest evaluators include faculty, alumni and friends of MFA Design:

Ada Whitney
Allan Chochinov
Amy Wang
Andy Otis
Brian Collins
Bobby Martin
Brian Smith
Carina Sandoval
David Hartman
Deborah Hussey
Elvia Gobbo
Fred Kahl
Gael Towey
Jennifer Kinon
Johnathan Swafford
Ken Carbone
Kevin Brainard
Laura Des Enfants
Laura Gunther 
Lauren Cantor
Marc Rabinowitz
Michael McCaughley
Rosina Bosco 
Stephen Doyle
Sue Walsh
Suzanne McKenzie
Tim Cohan
Willy Wong