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traffic dividers
giant hersey kiss sculture
4 giant hersey kiss scultures
4 giant hersey kiss scultures outdoors on the street
chocolate kiss in a person's hand in front of 4 giant hersey kiss scultures
Giant Hershey's Kiss installation
not edible gift wrap

When a Kiss is not a Kiss

Feb 18 2020

Last Friday, Valentine Day, two intrepid MFADers (class of 2020), Shan Wang and Yijing Wu romantically embraced Houston Street with hugs and kisses.

If you know the stretch between Broadway and 6th Avenue you are familiar with the big black cast iron bells that protectively guard the the pedestrian crossings in the medians that separate east from west traffic.

Instead of bells, they saw the makings of chocolate kisses (a Valentine staple). Hugging each object with tin foil the putative kiss was topped with a familiar tissue tag (it read “not edible”), resulting in the perfect Hershey-esque V-Day confection.

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