After looking at SELCO, I wanted to take a look at how Native Americans were working on creating a self-satiating community. I found that efforts were currently not going well in my initial research. It seems Congress was holding most of the strings when it comes to native sovereignty, finance and self-governance. Armed with this information, I started calling groups to ask how I could help in winning Congress over for native causes.

What I came up with is Nahí (Na-hee), we celebrate the earth, is a series of herbs and remedies born of longstanding native traditions. Each plant is carefully selected to help with everyday ailments and problems. We hope that, as you use the product, you will take note of the value of the natural world and all it can do for us.

All of the healing plants in the Nahí line are imperiled by global climate change, a force which threatens Native Americans and the wildlife they depend on. The key would be to send Nahi to the staffers of members of congress, opening the door for more traditional lobbing.

Designers: Sebastian Ebarb