Class of 2023



Portrait of Krista Lewis in beige jacket

Krista Anna Lewis

Zimeng Dong portrait with cherryblossoms

Zimeng (Mina) Dong

emily roemer portrait with denim jacket and floral top

Emily Roemer

BingBing portrait with dark grey jacket and jeans

Bingbing Zhang

Sue Kim portrait with white shirt light grey background

Sue Kim

Shuhan Lu in black top at Stone Henge

Shuhan Lu

Shukang Yu in white button up shirt and round, dark frame glasses

Shukang Yu

ezra lee in black tee on rooftop

Ezra Lee

Wei Wei profile portrait in black and white

Wei Wei

Julia Hummel Black sweater red lipstick

Julia Hummel

Shaoyang Chen with camera in light blue top

Shaoyang Chen

jennifer bowles portrait by window

Jennifer Bowles

harbor bickmore portrait

Harbor Bickmore


Renee Freiha portrait

Renee Freiha

Catreen Yoon portrait

Catreen Yoon

brandon Joseph portrait

Brandon Joseph

rohan rege portrait

Rohan Rege

ashlyn stewart portrait

Ashlyn Stewart

Fay portrait

Huiqi (Fay) Qiu

Bill chien portrait

Bill Chien

Ruolin Feng Portrait

Ruolin Feng

Sukanya portrait

Sukanya Bose

Vicky Chong portrait

Vicky Chong

michael kao portrait

Michael Kao

tracy huang portrait

Jiayue (Tracy) Huang

Tiffany Pai portrait

Tiffany Pai

Eunji Kim beach portrait

Eunji Kim

Xi Lu portrait with chandelier

Xi Lu

Qun Wang portrait

Chaoqun Wang


Bici Zhao

Bici Zhao

Rui Li

Rui Li

Zhuojun Li

Zhuojun Li

Qingping Wang

Qingping Wang

Daun Choi

Daun Choi

Jeremy Garcia

Jeremy Garcia

Jumi Kim wearing tall boots

Jumi Kim

Yiwen Chen

Yiwen Chen

Jack Roizental

Jack Roizental

Yijing Wu

Yijing Wu

Victoria Holod

Victoria Holod

Katherine smiling

Katherine Killeffer


Qi Zheng

Xintang Li Portrait

Xintang Li

Jinyue Song

Jinyue Song

Nillu Rathod

Nillu Rathod

Dan Yang

Dan Yang

Yingda Xu

Yingda Xu

Jiaying Mao

Jiaying Mao

Jennifer Holcomb

Jennifer Holcomb

Shan Wang

Sammi Shan Wang


Jikun Tao

Chenwei Xu

Chenwei Xu


photo portrait of Julia Marsh

Julia Marsh

photo portrait of Yuxin Luo

Yuxin Luo

Pedro Andrade

tomoka eating

Tomoka Murakami

illustrated portrait of Akansha Kukreja

Akansha Kukreja

photo portrait of Felipe Pereira De Oliveira

Felipe Pereira de Oliveira

photo portrait of Mia Rexach

Mia Rexach

photo portrait of Yun Tang

Yun Tang

photograph of Yaxu Han

Yaxu Han

Jiayue Li

photo portrait of Michael Enten

Michael Enten

photo portrait of Zhen Wei

Zhen Wei

photo portrait of Emily Wack

Emily Wack

photo portrait of Xingling He

Xingling He

photo portrait of Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson

Shuhua Xiong

photo portrait of Vipasha Chauhan

Vipasha Chauhan

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