Born in Tehran, and raised between Tehran and Dubai, I'm a cultural hybrid with an appetite for traveling. I graduated from American University of Sharjah in 2012 with bachelors degree in Multimedia Design. Over the past four years I have continued to develop the disciplinary skills in both my professional and personal work. I worked at two design studios in Dubai, as a lead multidisciplinary designer and as an art director. My personal pursuits revolve around use of illustration and animation as a tool for social commentary. I have been exploring the incorporation of time in still compositions in my recent work. I hope to develop thoughts and techniques to inform the marriage of visual, spatial and temporal attributes of design. I currently live in New York City where I'm pursuing my MFA at School of Visual Arts.

Graduating Class: 2018
Where are you now: Brooklyn, New York
Hometown: Tehran, Iran - Dubai, UAE
Links: Mahya's Website, Mahya on Instagram