book cover with the title Bits of type!
collage of six images with pixel art and pixelated typeface
pixelated type face on two images as example
an image form of two parts, one with startropics typography and one with south pacific mistery and some other text under it
typeface used and explanation on how it was developed
pixelated typeface examples called bites if type!
bits if type! website screenshot
Image of a hand multiplicated three times, and on each copy, there is a BITS OF TYPE! logo, type logo on a red heart, and game over writing
image of a person showing his fists to the camera, and he has written GAME OVER with a letter on each finger
arcade gaming machines illustration with the title Bites of Type


By Derek Munn

In recent years, the bitmap artwork of video games have been celebrated as an exciting new source of inspiration. However, the conversation of bitmap typography of video games has been non-existent. Consisting of a book, website, and line of merchandise, “Bits of Type” is a catalyst for discussion and and appreciation of these overlooked and beloved letterforms of the 1980s and early 1990s.

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