kanvas logo on a vividly colored background
a close-up of an easel, and in the back is a person working on something on the table
a shape of a mouse head, a pig head, and a cow head, all painted with lots of tittle monsters vivid colored faces
A phone case with monster faces colored in red, blue, green, yellow, etc.
close-up of little monster faces design
a fabric handbag with a yellow and black dots design and an illustration of a girl on one side of the bag
umbrella with a dotted design colored in red, yellow, blue, green, etc.
drinking bottle painted wit green, blue, red, yellow dots
kanvas website screenshot
kanvas website screenshot

KANVAS is a curated non profit organization dedicated to showcase artists with developmental disabilities and their work. By developing exhibits, a collection of high-end stationery and home goods based on the works of the artists, the organization creates an environment where they can be properly recognized and respected as praise-worthy artists. KANVAS will also augment both the income of artists and the organizations that support them.

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