A cover of some music album that has a red filtered margin with a photo of feathers. The middle has a black and white photo of a hand holding a cigarette and a leg on which there is printed the text: Home Home.

Favorite Work: Felipe Pereira de Oliveira

By Felipe Pereira de Oliveira
Class: 2019

We asked the second year students to select their favorite work from last semester.

Today: Felipe Pereira de Oliveira

Stephen Doyle and Gale Towey asked the students to create a book cover or a poster that would represent the subject in a design format. My approach was to conceptualize a poster for a punk musical, Home Street Home. The way I represented the core idea of the story was to use different textures. The contrast between a noisy B&W cropped photograph and a soft pink fur fabric background depicts the main character’s turbulent life.

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