A vinyl cover design for Daptone Records.
A golden vinyl cover design with some stripes and a D. Also there is an image of a vinyl disk.
A set of shapes made from black and white stripes, some of them depicting letters.
A D letter that has on it a blue and pink photo of two people singing. Also there is a text that says: Daptone Records.

Favorite Work: Pedro Andrade

By Pedro Andrade
Class: 2019

We asked the second year students to select their favorite work from last semester.

Today: Pedro Andrade

For the Design and Branding class, one of the assignments was to rebrand a local NY business. My choice was Daptone Records a Brooklyn based record label and studio.

To me the whole process behind the assignment was very exciting, not only from my interest in music, after our teacher Kevin Brainard pushed me to explore how could I represent sound in the branding, while keeping it aligned with the brand.

Definitely a very mind opening experience which gave my design thinking and process a much deeper approach.

And I also got pretty happy with the end result.

* Many thanks to Kevin for the inspiration and guidance.

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