A photo of a blue sky with a line of kites. On it there is a text: Distance is everything but nothing.
An inverted black and white drawing of three people.
A photo of a desk filled with different items like books, cups, pencil holders, maps, calendars and other bottles. On the wall near the desk there are some photos, banners, maps and other items hanged.
A photo of an Asian city scape at night. Over it there is some text: Province of Guangdong PRC.
A photo of two hands holding a pencil and writing on notebook. On it there is plane pictogram and a text that reads: Letters From A Frequent Flyer.

Favorite Work: Tomoka Murakami

By Tomoka Murakami
Class: 2019

We asked the second year students to select their favorite work from last semester.

Today: Tomoko Murakami

My friend is a traveler, who has significant moments of her life marked by her encounters with airports. This film is woven through her essays and letters, where she tells her story in her voice.

It was created for the 5 minute documentary project in Stephen Doyle and Gael Towey’s Telling Stories.


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