zra Lee magazine design - Wag & Bone
zra Lee magazine design - Wag & Bone
zra Lee magazine design - Wag & Bone
zra Lee magazine design - You and me with dog make three
zra Lee magazine design - Wag & Bone - canine cravings

Type for Masters 2020: Ezra Lee

By Ezra Lee
Class: 2020

Ezra Lee

For this editorial assignment, Jose Fresneda & Justin Colt asked students to conceptualize and design a magazine of their choice. “This project is more than just a typographic exercise, as we wanted students to pitch magazine ideas that were a reflection of their own interests, strengths and personalities.”

“Over a four week time period, we saw these magazines evolve from an idea and a few spreads, to a full blown publication. The end results were surprising and exciting from both a design and conceptual standpoint–spanning across ideas such as a millennial art quarterly, a deep dive exploration of fear and phobias, traditional Chinese recipes, an insider look at stay-at-home fashion and aesthetics, and eggs.”

My magazine Wag & Bone is a literary magazine about dogs. Inspired by the New York Times’s “Modern Love” section, Wag & Bone collects people’s stories about how their four-legged friends have impacted their lives. The philosophy behind this is that dogs have as much personality and stories as their owners do. When it is all done and packaged, my idea is that the magazine will come in a poop bag as dual purpose. 🙂

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