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Type for Masters 2022: Doga Bircan


For her project in Justin Colt’s Type for Masters course, Doga Bircan (Class of ’24) chose to design for Meet The Hook, a crochet brand that will help you pull through your anxiety.

It’s human nature to be stressed but there are ways to help lessen the anxiety. A survey done by the University of Wollongong Australia shows that crocheting makes people feel calmer, happier, and better able to focus. Of the 8,000 crocheters surveyed, 90% said crocheting made them feel calmer, while 82% said it made them feel happier. More than 70% said it improved their concentration and memory

The repetitive, continuous stitching is shown to transform the mind into a mindfulness that is very similar to meditation. It is a relatively low-cost, portable activity that can be easily learnt.

The Hook is designed to help people start crocheting in a simple, easy and fun way, and eventually to make them feel happier. It offers crochet kits from beginner level to advanced. Through the website, the user first selects a kit, then the color and material of the yarn, and the kit is prepared and shipped. A tutorial video for each product is embedded onto the packaging so that the user can easily scan and watch the tutorial while crocheting. The Hook also offers a yarn guide to help new crocheters understand different types of yarn and the tools to use.

Do stop by and create your kit with us if you ever see our bus in the city.

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