Wei wei Wei Wei "artitude" magazine cover spread
Wei wei Wei Wei "artitude" magazine spread
Wei wei Wei Wei "artitude" magazine cover spread

Type for Masters 2020: Wei Wei

By Wei Wei
Class: 2020

Wei Wei

For this editorial assignment, Jose Fresneda & Justin Colt asked students to conceptualize and design a magazine of their choice. “This project is more than just a typographic exercise, as we wanted students to pitch magazine ideas that were a reflection of their own interests, strengths and personalities.”

“Over a four week time period, we saw these magazines evolve from an idea and a few spreads, to a full blown publication. The end results were surprising and exciting from both a design and conceptual standpoint–spanning across ideas such as a millennial art quarterly, a deep dive exploration of fear and phobias, traditional Chinese recipes, an insider look at stay-at-home fashion and aesthetics, and eggs.”

Artitude is a quarterly magazine that covers arts from antiquity to the present day. It features a rad curation of art history journals written by young scholars, reviews of up-to-date art exhibitions, and profiles of the coolest artists and collectors.

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